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Welcome Willkommen

Welcome to “The Neo GameFactory“, where you can follow my Game development, play my Games or learn to¬†programming your own Games with different Game Engines.

What is The Neo GameFactory?

Playing Games

Play my Games and give me your Feedback.
With your Feedback we can create great Games together.


With my Tutorials on different Engines, you can also be a Game Developer.
Show the World your Games!

Independent Developer

The Neo GameFactory is a Independent Developer.
You can follow my progress on my Game development.

Single Person

The Neo GameFactory isn't a Team yet.
I'm alone at the moment and my Name is
Christoph Winkler.

Zombie Island - The Gameshow

This was a quick Game development. The Challenge of this was to make a Game under 2 hours. It was planned to make a Tutorial for this, so that everyone can create a Game like this.

But this is to old now, so i must recreate the whole thing.
It is planned to make it again with newer Version’s of the Assets and the Unity Engine.

Some of the Assets don’t exist anymore, so i can’t update the Tutorial.

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